acquire information about

See: discover, find
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In addition to the various books on display, the fair is also an opportunity to offer a chance to visitors to acquire information about the Government departments and the National Assembly (Parliament).
Thousands of visitors from in and outside Pakistan visit this website daily to acquire information about their patients and facilities in the hospital but the hospital management is paying no attention to ensure feeding of information from the respective departments and administration related matters to this website.
A thief may also acquire information about you, then use that information to open new bank accounts or obtain credit cards, drivers' licenses, passports or birth certificates.
The purpose of these questionnaires is to acquire information about each client's preferences, which, in turn, will help bank decision makers to anticipate those customers' future needs.
To acquire information about the electrons, they simultaneously measured light rays emitted from the material.
However, Gregg Gonsalves, director of treatment advocacy at Gay Men's Health Crisis in New York City, believes there might be a more effective way to acquire information about the optimal time to start therapy.
In particular, suppose that both the manufacturer and the retailer can choose to acquire information about the demand parameter, b, in the first stage of the game at a cost of K and k respectively.
7) Because it is essential that law enforcement organizations acquire information about the background of applicants, the court said that granting absolute immunity to employers who supply such information ".