acquire information about

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Education team will acquire information about under age drivers, one wheeling and those found riding motorcycles without helmets.
They state that for objective or subjective reasons they will not be able to acquire information about all the children who were killed in Sarajevo in that period.
the local government to inform the public that before donating to any organization they need to acquire information about that organization
The web-portal would enable the masses to acquire information about any government department through an online request on Team Competitive and Sustainable Energy Sectors wishes to acquire information about renewable energy markets worldwide which is available in databases.The purpose of this market orientation is to determine whether there are suppliers who are able to deliver and willing to submit a proposal concerning a subscription to a database containing information on renewable energy worldwide.
In addition to the various books on display, the fair is also an opportunity to offer a chance to visitors to acquire information about the Government departments and the National Assembly (Parliament).
He pointed out that the current conditions and the scale of violence makes it difficult to acquire information about detainees, but there's a general improvement in this field and there could be cooperation with the ICRC in this regard, adding that the government's efforts resulted in reducing the number of detainees recently.
The course included practical applications on how to employ the Internet to acquire information about events and skills of employing them in serving the media message.
You will be able to learn about employment and training opportunities and further education and acquire information about Apprenticeships from a wide range of employers and training providers.
A thief may also acquire information about you, then use that information to open new bank accounts or obtain credit cards, drivers' licenses, passports or birth certificates.
The purpose of these questionnaires is to acquire information about each client's preferences, which, in turn, will help bank decision makers to anticipate those customers' future needs.
To acquire information about the electrons, they simultaneously measured light rays emitted from the material.