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For human beings the aesthetic capacity is created by Mind (theoria) operating in both creative and critical modes and passed on biologically through the inheritance of acquired characteristics. "The imagination is the result of heredity.
The "inheritance of acquired characteristics" was Lamarck's proposal for the source of innovation in evolution; that is, an organism might spontaneously change some physical characteristic in response to a threat or an opportunity, and that change would be inherited.
Spencer's phrase for this process was "the survival of the fittest." Spencer's application of Darwin's natural selection to societies was inappropriate because, in order to see examples of evolution in human history, Spencer had to adopt the Lamarckian view that acquired characteristics (thrift, energetic activity, aggressiveness) can be inherited.
This sort of thing is referred to as the inheritance of acquired characteristics. Experiments would show that acquired characteristics were not inherited.
One of the intriguing aspects of this book is its demonstration that many elements of what are usually seen (following Ernest Jones) as Freud's embarrassingly Lamarckian tendency to believe in the inheritance of acquired characteristics, were actually present in Darwin's work and entered Freud's thought through his admiration and knowledge of that scholar--with whom, as a fellow-subverter of comforting illusions, he identified.
Little credence is paid to acquired characteristics through environmental influence, as espoused by 19th century biologist Jean Baptiste de Lamarck.
Detailed information acquired characteristics of the service and the requirements described in the request for participation in the Annexes.

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