acquired knowledge

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All the active thought with which she had before been representing to herself the trials of Lydgate's lot, and this young marriage union which, like her own, seemed to have its hidden as well as evident troubles-- all this vivid sympathetic experience returned to her now as a power: it asserted itself as acquired knowledge asserts itself and will not let us see as we saw in the day of our ignorance.
Fanny began to dread the meeting with her aunts and Tom, under so dreadful a humiliation; and Susan to feel with some anxiety, that all her best manners, all her lately acquired knowledge of what was practised here, was on the point of being called into action.
As ants work by inherited instincts and by inherited tools or weapons, and not by acquired knowledge and manufactured instruments, a perfect division of labour could be effected with them only by the workers being sterile; for had they been fertile, they would have intercrossed, and their instincts and structure would have become blended.
It was true, as he acquired knowledge and language, that he was drawing nearer, talking her speech, discovering ideas and delights in common; but this did not satisfy his lover's yearning.
Not in horror, however, for since my recently acquired knowledge of the Holy Therns I was prepared for anything in this still less accessible heaven, where all was evidently dictated by a single omnipotence; where ages of narrow fanaticism and self-worship had eradicated all the broader humanitarian instincts that the race might once have possessed.
As Bradley gazed upon them in wide-eyed astonishment, he saw plainly that all his intelligence, all his acquired knowledge through years of observation and experience were set at naught by the simple evidence of the fact that stood out glaringly before his eyes--the creatures' wings were not mechanical devices but as natural appendages, growing from their shoulderblades, as were their arms and legs.
Students would be able to set up a professional career, after receiving international certificates Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) on the basis of the acquired knowledge.
He acquired knowledge of philosophy, logic, Islamic history, the Muslim Sufi tradition, Muslim religious sciences, Western literature, and Kabbala.
Washington, July 6 (ANI): Scientists have identified when infants first learn to transfer their acquired knowledge to new situations, which is an important milestone in their development.
This study investigated the impact some teacher education programs from China and the USA had on the teachers' beliefs and teaching strategies and how these teachers integrated the acquired knowledge and teaching strategies in their practice.
Pedagogical features of the text include alternating introduction of grammar and vocabulary so students can practice and learn one utilizing already acquired knowledge of the other, passages of ancient Roman prose and poetry, discussion of how Latin has contributed to English and how Romans thought about their own language, and various exercises and activities.
The first class of Green Purchasing Accredited Professionals (GPAPs) recently "graduated"--there are now 20 professionals in the commercial buildings field who can add the new GPAP credential to their business cards, showing their clients and tenants that they have acquired knowledge of best practices in green product evaluation and procurement.

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