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TO ACQUIRE, descents, contracts. To make property one's own.
    2. Title to property is acquired in two ways, by descent, (q.v.) and by purchase (q.v.). Acquisition by purchase, is either by, 1. Escheat. 2. Occupancy. 3. Prescription. 4. Forfeiture. 5. Alienation, which is either by deed or by matter of record. Things which cannot be sold, cannot be acquired.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Furthermore, we hypothesise that a target company manager will be more likely to leave their job if their existing employer were to be acquired by a Chinese- or Indian-owned company as opposed to a locally owned company or a company from another Western developed economy (i.e., a European acquirer for Americans or a US-owned acquirer for Europeans).
However, if the target firm is more pessimistic, it will potentially receive a lower price premium when the acquirer is risk-averse.
* Bullish sentiment from bankers and acquirers could propel M&A to meet or exceed records
The acquirer should review the target's books and records focusing on areas that are common trouble spots in FCPA cases.
Another finding showed that shared branching issuer-only credit unions generally have higher expenses and lower returns than issuer/acquirers because acquirers have the ability to offset issuer costs and generate revenue by completing transactions for guest members.
* For each stage of this game, the acquirer will offer the high and low price provided by the binomial tree and this offer will be accepted or rejected depending on how close it is to the strike price.
(57) Thus, an acquirer can capture control of the board by winning a single proxy fight on a prescribed date, known in advance, that is always less than a year away.
To determine if the target is the right candidate, the acquirer undertakes due diligence prior to acquisition on the following: (a) is the price right?
The BSP's rationale for adopting an acquirer-based charging method was that these acquirers have a significant role in the setting of fees, which is "justifiable considering that off-us transaction costs are substantially incurred by them, such as deployment and maintenance of terminals, cash servicing, ATM monitoring, among others.
LIC said, "The acquirer (LIC) shall complete all procedures relating to the offer within 10 working days from the date of closure of the tendering period, including payment of consideration to those equity shareholders whose share certificates and/or other documents are found valid and in order and are accepted for acquisition by the acquirer."
Much of the early academic literature about mergers and acquisitions (M&A) paints a relatively bleak picture for acquirer shareholders.