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The political parties agreed that the solution of the Cyprus problem should be democratic, just and lasting, based on the relevant UN resolutions, on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International and European Law and the European acquis communautaire," the joint statement read.
A strong focus will be put on audit public oversight and quality assurance in order to meet the requirements of the acquis communautaire and attain an enhanced quality and reliability of the auditing process and financial statements of Latvian private sector enterprises.
Furthermore, he told the Cyprus News Agency that the European acquis communautaire is an important tool that can contribute to the efforts to reach and implement a viable solution of the Cyprus problem, which will be based on human rights and the fundamental freedoms.
Exporting the Acquis Communautaire through European Union external agreements.
The European Commission and Iceland launched, on 15 November, the screening process to evaluate the degree of harmonisation of Icelandic legislation with the acquis communautaire.
SYSTRAN (Euronext:RAN), a provider of language translation technologies, today announced that it has achieved high quality translation with its new hybrid MT engine on the DGT Multilingual Translation Memory of the Acquis Communautaire.
THE Acquis Communautaire contains the accumulated laws which the European Union has acquired from member states and therefore laws which the member states can no longer amend or repeal or fail to obey.
With the Science and Research Chapter of the accession negotiations with Turkey now closed (it did not present significant complicationsand was dealt with first), the commissioner was seeking to raise the profile of other work that can be done by candidate countries outside the adoption of the acquis communautaire.
So far, the Bank helped these countries pursue reforms necessary to put in place the overarching legal framework that guides all EU member states, known as acquis communautaire.
We are committed to delivering the best translation quality and training our translation engines on the Acquis Communautaire is only the first step in that direction.
He also met with the High Representative of the European Union on Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini with whom he exchanged views on the Cyprus issue and the role of the EU in the effort to find a solution to the Cyprus problem compatible with the acquis communautaire.
The project supports the Commissions commitment to the implementation of the EU Soil Thematic Strategy, the development of terrestrial Sustainable Development Goals, the European and Global Soil Partnerships, and EU commitments to land and soil in the EU acquis communautaire.