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STRATEGY: Boomerang chief executive Huw Eurig Davies said his company had made 'considerable progress with acquisitive and organic growth'
We anticipated the credit crunch would impact on crime, in particular acquisitive crime such as robbery, theft and burglaries.
Drug misuse drives acquisitive crime and we believe this recovery will contribute to bringing crime down even further.
These new funds, together with existing facilities, will provide adequate resources for BTG to continue its next planned phase of organic and acquisitive growth.
Police urged anyone with information about acquisitive crime in their community to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
368-1(e)(2)(v), Example (6), the IRS acknowledges the COI requirement is satisfied for an acquisitive transaction if at least 40% of the target stock is exchanged for issuing corporation stock.
He appears to be in some kind of cahoots with Napa's acquisitive Mondavi family and the outlandishly influential American wine critic Robert Parker.
He offers up three types of individualism: acquisitive, entrepreneurial, and subversive.
Despite research showing that most mergers fail to create value for the acquirer's shareholders, companies that systematically pursue acquisitive growth outperform those that make few or no acquisitions.
Man and woman were of course given separate status in these discourses (man being the acquisitive creature destined to command, woman ideally the conservative, irenic figure who, if she did obtain authority, usurped it and exercised it in a tyrannical way).
Tetra Tech's CEO Dan Batrack said, "Tetra Tech has shown healthy organic growth over the past year, and, as previously stated, we are re-initiating acquisitive growth efforts to enhance our service offerings and expand geographically.
Because they make no time for solitude and deep listening, they cannot pattern a life-changing alternative to the acquisitive society.