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Stephen Knight has argued that: 'There is, in such a novelistic structure, no productive working class of any importance, and Lohrey's emphasis on a bourgeoisie acquisitively watching a derelict proletariat seems in its representational resonance thoroughly in tune with the current politics of all major parties in Australia.' (19)
Not just in quality but also in stylistic openness, this music is entirely consistent with what we know of the most acquisitively cosmopolitan German composer of the generation before Johann Sebastian Bach.
"Operators are now looking acquisitively to grow their businesses internationally because they struggle to achieve organic growth," said de Haast.
In 1980 Rapid took possession of the Victor Horseman Renault premises and in the next 20 years progressed acquisitively up Renshaw Street, around the corner into Bold Street and on to Hanover Street.
Madame Duval, for example, determinedly and acquisitively chases Monsieur Du Bois, reversing traditional male-female roles by rushing to his rescue when she is told that he has been captured by a hostile mob (Burney 127-28).
The individual controls the flow of property away from," rather than acquisitively toward, herself.
THE soon-to-be-vacated scores of C&A shops throughout Britain are being viewed acquisitively by Irish eyes.
One immerses himself (it is a masculine function) acquisitively in the life and affairs of the native.
Cross-Border Activity Although Canadian companies still appear more acquisitively active than their foreign counterparts, cross-border activity seems to be on an equalizing trend.