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TO ACQUIRE, descents, contracts. To make property one's own.
    2. Title to property is acquired in two ways, by descent, (q.v.) and by purchase (q.v.). Acquisition by purchase, is either by, 1. Escheat. 2. Occupancy. 3. Prescription. 4. Forfeiture. 5. Alienation, which is either by deed or by matter of record. Things which cannot be sold, cannot be acquired.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In a subsequent section, Greenfield pursues the specter of capitalism as it rises to haunt again, documenting the spread of fetishistic acquisitiveness beyond America into the arena of the global rich.
Written in catchy rhyme and colorfully illustrated with strong expressive faces on the characters, "The True Spirit of Christmas" strikes to the heart of holiday acquisitiveness, often a substitute for the meaning of Christmas.
The acquisitiveness of the billionaire class extends to politics as well, with the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson allocating billions to their right wing slates and the candidates they support.
It's one of avarice, acquisitiveness and a resistance to living within the financial bounds of elected office.
in exchange for a life that is morally hollow, lacking virtue, and without purpose when considered in terms of the human quest for an integrated and meaningful life" (59), and who eventually becomes "a manipulator, a sham expert, an amoral technician, a disengaged ghost, a person who is fragmented, a cultivator of acquisitiveness, and a destroyer of communities of virtue" (99).
They need to protect their daughter again, this time from their wanton acquisitiveness.
I think her acquisitiveness was purely a reaction against a time of terror when she wasn't sure she could keep her kids eating hot dogs and wearing Levis.
THERE'S NO DOUBT that our economy has been built upon acquisitiveness. Since the Second World War, incessant growth has been based on mass production; mass production has been based on creating and channeling demand; and demand has been based on the desire to have or own.
We in the West don't know what material deprivation is because of pandemic, disordered acquisitiveness. I remember the joy when an angel cake or bag of cookies was produced as a treat after dinner.
However, on a recent spin through the Freeview box I witnessed a TV show that both put things in perspective and the fear of god into me - the tsunami of acquisitiveness that is My Super Sweet 16.
The third chapter argues that Hamlet establishes a "thematic opposition between memorial oblativity and reifying acquisitiveness," which, in turn, "enables a critique of elective processes against which primogenitural monarchy is represented as providential" (70).
Are our decisions based on self-centred criteria such human acquisitiveness and our fragile ego, or on how we take what we need without compromising the future of the world around us?