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Ultimately, there exist only the acquisitors and labourers, or the haves and have-nots.
His new family name (Bercovitz has been anglicized to Bailey) and his obvious wealth (he wears a tuxedo and lives on a huge Long Island estate) now visually identify him as a member of the successful economic acquisitor class that is sanctioned by American society.
He has earned a deservedly high reputation as an acquisitor and one of the major sections of this collection is called "The Librarian as a Collector .
British Ports, WH Smith AGMs: Acquisitor, British Vita, Herald Investment Trust, Flomerics, Lavendon Group, Lonrho Africa, Nestor Healthcare, RLT Group, Tribune Trust, Wilson Bowden Thursday Finals: Intelligent Environments, Ockham, Silentnight Interims: DFS Furniture, Fibernet Group AGMs: Gibbs & Dandy, Green Property, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Royal Blue Group, Schroders, Stadium Group, Tiger Resources EGMs: Capital & Regional Friday Interims: Spring Group (Q3) AGMs: Atlantic Global, Monsoon, Quadranet, Rok Property Holdings
gt;MAIDEN results out this week from arch acquisitor ukbetting plc show how difficult it can be to build a business on internet betting.
Is the goal to absorb the acquired company into the acquisitor, to leave it largely autonomous, or to achieve a "symbiosis" between the two?
In the six years I covered Microsoft for a daily newspaper, I repeatedly needled Gates by suggesting that he would inevitably become the greatest acquisitor in human history.
He is remembered as a successful military leader and as an ambitious acquisitor of power.
The sophist duplicates in the mode of nonbeing the real acquisitor, the Stranger.
One distressing feature of the epoch of the acquisitor is that the acquisitive mentality eventually infects all sections of society .
That's good news for an aggressive acquisitor like Regal.