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To set free, release or discharge as from an obligation, burden or accusation. To absolve one from an obligation or a liability; or to legally certify the innocence of one charged with a crime.

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v. what a jury or judge sitting without a jury does at the end of a criminal trial if the jury or judge finds the accused defendant not guilty. (See: verdict)

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Mr Swoboda also ticked Mr Leotard off for telling French radio, while he was preparing to go to Macedonia, that the government should talk to the rebels, but Joost Lagendijk (Greens-ALE, Netherlands) said that as somebody had to act as intermediary, he wanted to know whether had the Commission or Council of Ministers decided who it should be.Pere Esteve (ELDR, Spain) praised the work of Mr Patten and Javier Solana, the High Representative of the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy, saying the EU had acquited itself better than in previous Balkan crises.
And he appreciates that Leeds, having already escaped the hangman's noose once, are likely to be acquited when the two sides reconvene at Elland Road on Wednesday for the third round replay.
Finally, on the question of economic viability, absorption technology has acquited itself quite well for the National Audubon Society.
The decision to set up an SIT was taken at a high-level meeting with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot here two days after all six accused in the case were acquited by a lower court on the benefit of the doubt.
Zardari was acquited from criminal cases in their subsequent trials, the response stated further.
However, Muqaddas Haider, who was serving as the ACLC SSP when the incident took place was cleared and acquited.
Koppenhaver, who was acquited of burglary with a deadly weapon, sexually motivated coercion and battery with intent to commit sexual assault, said during the hearing he regretted his actions.
Steele was acquited of PJ's murder at the High Court in Glasgow in December.
Gleeson acquited himself well in New Zealand in the absence of the demoted David Wallace who is still recovering from a severe shoulder operation.
Aitken was acquited in triumph but the episode and the doubt cast over his reputation scuppered his hopes for a safe Parliamentary seat in 1970.
CBI Special Prosecutor Ejaz Khan said Samson D'Souza is convicted and accused Placido Carvalho is acquited.
He was convicted on four counts and acquited on two counts.