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ACQUITTANCE, contracts. An agreement in writing to discharge a party from an engagement to pay a sum of money. It is evidence of payment. It differs from a release in this, that the latter must be under seal, while an acquittance need not be under seal. Poth. Oblig. n. 781. In Pennsylvania, a receipt, (q.v.) though not under seal, has nearly the same effect as a release. 1 Rawle, R. 391. Vide 3 Salk. 298, pl. 2; Off. of Ex. 217 ; Co. Litt. 212 a, 273 a.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Iran's legislator has considered special requirements for obtaining and accuracy of the consent and acquittance that include the compliance with the general conditions of the contracts like intent, willingness, legal capacity, legitimacy and legality.
Forty-six rreales that were paid to the layman Luis de Cedillo for the binding of the music books as shown in the acquittance (55) [1603] Forty-six rreales that were paid to Luis de Cedillo for the binding of three music books contained in it as shown in the acquittance (56) [1605] And thirty-nine rreales for some songbooks for the Church and their binding, in the acquittance (57) [1606] Therefore, some of the works found in the Santiago manuscript can be thought to be closely linked to this period (1602-1606) and thus date from prior to 1616.
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The coupling of depravity with free grace engendered liberation of the psyche, for, Crisp declaimed, "it is but the voice of a lying spirit in your own hearts, that saith, that you that are beleevers have yet sin wasting your consciences, and lying as a burthen too heavy for you to bear." The burden had been borne by Christ, whose blood issued in "acquittance" for sinners.
(14) He felt indebted to the extent that he even claimed that his account of Zayn's life was intended as an acquittance (niskrti).
As a brief example, one interesting document contains a pre-written receipt for 7 [pound sterlings] at the top, with a genteel second-notice from the merchant lender at the bottom: "Worthy sir, if you so please to pay the bearer hereof seven pounds according to the tenor of this [above] acquittance, & a letter formerly sent to you, I shall take it as a great favor, by reason it will save me a journey" (Egerton 2717/115).
(20) See, e.g., Corporation of London Record Office, Chamber Acquittance Book, beginning Michaelmas 1660, f.130V.
He gives Coventry a sour acquittance: 'it's not the place's fault'.
Better still of course were the four bonds and one acquittance that Walter Randolph delivered to John Middleton of York in 1394, together with 5s.
The receipt by the Custodian, for the minor, of any principal or income transferred pursuant to this paragraph shall be a full acquittance and discharge of my Personal Representative or Trustee, as applicable, from liability with respect to such transfer and from further accountability for the principal or income so transferred.