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To set free, release or discharge as from an obligation, burden or accusation. To absolve one from an obligation or a liability; or to legally certify the innocence of one charged with a crime.

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v. what a jury or judge sitting without a jury does at the end of a criminal trial if the jury or judge finds the accused defendant not guilty. (See: verdict)

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The Supreme Court overturned the sentence on Wednesday, acquitting Asia Bibi of the blasphemy charges and ordering her release.
The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had also filed an appeal with the Islamabad High Court against the trial court's order acquitting all the accused in the case.
The appellant states that the trial court has committed a grave error and illegality by acquitting them as plethora of evidence was produced by the prosecution against them.
Additional district and sessions judge Pervaizul Qadir Memon had confessed to receiving Rs5 million for acquitting Shoaib Sheikh in the case.
Later the judge was sacked on Feb 15, 2018 due to his admission of receiving Rs5 million bribe for acquitting the accused.
PESHAWAR -- The Mashal Khan family yesterday moved the Peshawar High Court, challenging the Haripur Anti-Terrorism Court's decision of acquitting 26 accused in the lynching case.
Additional district and sessions judge Pervaiz-ul-Qadir Memon had confessed to receiving Rs5 million for acquitting Shoaib Sheikh in the case.
After hearing arguments from the prosecution and defense sides, Sibi ATC judge Mohammad Rafiq Langove announced the verdict and acquitting Marri after the prosecution was failed to prove charges against him.