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This acquisition is an important step in Acreage Pharms' march towards full-capacity cannabis production and sale this year.
Acreage release schedules will be updated at least once a year and when significant amounts of new prospectivity data or acreage becomes available to warrant a review.
There are distinct differences in the evolution of wine grape acreage and cultivars between the northwest and southwest AVAs.
Although total crop acreage is dominated by field crops, revenue shares are more evenly distributed among field crops, tree and vine crops, and vegetables (fig.
Central Petroleum (ASX:CTP) is an ASX listed junior exploration and production company operating what is regarded as the biggest package of prospective acreage in Australia.
As part of its on-going acreage build strategy, Shell has acquired 250,000 net acres of mineral rights in the Eagle Ford shale play in South Texas.
The company chief executive officer, Michael Reger, said, 'We are excited to have purchased an interest in the Windsor Bakken acreage package and especially to have the opportunity to develop this acreage with Slawson Exploration Company.
Whether it's a large naval tract or a single acre or two in town, prime acreage in our area is becoming more and more difficult to locate, especially when land use is a primary consideration.
The two major grape categories -- raisin and table -- also showed overall acreage declines, with the amount of bearing acres and newer, nonbearing acres, dropping, the Grape Acreage Report said.
Since then, most farm policy adopted was directed toward administering control over acreage and supply of rice to achieve stability in price and farm income and reduce surpluses [Smith et al.
But more important than acreage is the increase in the number of avocados grown per tree.
If former cane acreage could be converted into the base for a high-value wood-products industry," says Akaka, "we could generate strong new employment opportunities for rural Hawaii.