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Northwest and southwest Michigan are not only different in the ratio of cultivars planted but also in the total acreage of red and white vinifera cultivars.
In northwest Michigan, the top five cultivars for total acreage have comprised the bulk of wine grape acreage growth since 2000, particularly Riesling, and demonstrates that successfully growing these cultivars has been the focus of this region.
In southwest Michigan, the top five wine grape cultivars for total acreage saw a steady decrease from 1990 to 2010.
Despite the current difference in vinifera acreage between the two regions, northwest Michigan's ability to grow significant acreage of red vinifera cultivars such as Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Merlot reveal the added potential for successful expansion of red vinifera acreage in southwest Michigan, in addition to the number of red vinifera cultivars currently occupying small acreage.
The current trend of chill hours reduction does not indicate major concerns for grapes or almonds, but chill hours could become binding for walnuts -- these three crops account for more than 90% of tree and vine acreage in Yolo County.
We specified an equation to characterize the planting for each of the 12 crops that have significant acreage in Yolo County currently (see table 2).
TABLE 2: Model results: Yolo County crop acreage response to changes in crop price (implied price elasticity) and climate indices [Table omitted]
To smooth out short-term fluctuations, we adopted 10-year moving averages of annual climate variables in the acreage estimation equations.
apricot acreage was only about one-third of the 1947 figure.
Avocados: California avocado acreage has experienced substantial growth but nearly all of the increase has taken place since 1970.
Bushberries: Blueberry acreage has experienced steady growth, especially during the 1960's and 1970's.
Cherries: Sweet cherry acreage has fluctuated over the last 36 years, reaching a peak in 1974 and trending down to 1983.