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Zi Wan is acrid, bitter, and warm, and gathers in the lung channel.
Mian Mohammad Aslam, director of Acrid and managing director of CAP Group, said that only Tekla's cutting edge technology can facilitate the complete lifecycle management of any project.
The challenge is to put opaqueness into the beer while keeping acrid, burnt flavors out of it.
Most of Vietnam's new production was robusta, the less flavorful, more acrid (some experts compare the taste to that of burnt rubber), and less expensive type of bean, as opposed to arabica, the milder, more flavorful, more expensive variety.
Is he bankrolling dead-eyed unloved boys like the ones who murder children in cafes and buses and murdered my friend Tommy Crotty on the 102nd floor of the twin towers and left his wife weeping alone in their bed and his daughters unfathered and his grinning face a swirl of acrid dust on Liberty Street?
An ancient remedy for skincare, based on a mixture of soil, cereal, milk and lime, is currently being used to preserve the marble surface of the Taj Mahal which is suffering from the effects of pollution and acrid rain.
A cushion for people with medical conditions that result in more volume and more acrid intestinal gas than the average person, Miracle Air III has ten times the activated carbon in its filter compared to its sister product, the Gas-BGon cushion.
In Colorado, Carla Harper, Mike Preston and the 10-year-old Ponderosa Pine Partnership have found new ways to help restore old-growth pine habitat acrid protect the forest from fire.
Its tissue was so intact that scientists had to fight the acrid smell of elephant feces.
The Church of England wanted families to light the candles just before midnight on New Year's Eve and say a prayer to herald the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ - but one Sunday Mercury reader ended up melting the plastic candle-holder, which let off acrid fumes, after failing to realise it needed to be partly filled with water.
What's so thrilling about Sleater-Kinney is the way these unlikely lesbian heroes rise to the mucous occasion so that you'll give each acrid note your undivided attention.
Berenson's modern theoretical stance gave way to an acrid, anti-modern "posture"; we are left with the image of someone struggling to maintain his youthful beliefs in the face of the new challenge to mimesis.