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Firemen managed to keep the fire away from vital production areas but the whole building was filled with acrid smoke.
It involved the meter box on the ground floor, that's why the smoke was so black and acrid, it was rubber and plastic that was burning.
In this case, one medicinal is acrid and upbearing, and the other is bitter and downbearing.
Acrid International, part of the Abu Dhabi-based project management and consulting firm known as CAP Group, plans to introduce BIM technology to a raft of government development projects including; infrastructure, housing, school and hospital builds, which are part of the 2030 plan.
Soldiers opened fire in the village where the air is filled with acrid smoke.
Some of the far-flung places he visits are a gold mine in South Africa, a prawn farm in Bangladesh, a cotton field in Australia and a computer "recycling center" (an acrid, miles-long, open-air ditch where 10-year-old children dunk circuit boards in vats of acid to remove their copper) in India.
The bores must be seriously worn, with maybe a broken piston ring to boot, which is sucking up oil into the combustion chamber, burning it and billowing out clouds of acrid blue smoke.
As the flames spread, families were told to keep their windows and doors shut as acrid smoke billowed towards their homes.
Neighbours noticed flames and black smoke from Timothy Wayne Shepherd's balcony for two days, as well as an acrid stench.
city so acrid and airless it stung our minds with scenes of winter
The colossal horror of Ground Zero strains the imagination, but director Oliver Stone does a masterful job of recreating the acrid, stygian darkness that became the world for officers McLoughlin and Jimeno.