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Feta attains its acridity from lipase, an enzyme which occurs naturally in sheep and goat milk, giving it that distinguished tang.
His sweetness cuts through the acridity of McLean's unquenchable desire to shoot and disembowel anything with a pulse.
The properties of realgar were described as warmth, acridity, and toxicity in traditional Chinese medicine.
(111) Continued smoke inhalation caused consumption (tuberculosis) due to the movement of carbon to the lungs and its acridity. Men converted the mouth into a chimney--every corner of the palate was lined with nicotine soot.
The shoot pieces are treated with plain water for 2 to 3 hours or boiled for 1 and half hours to remove the acridity. In some countries like Thailand and Vietnam, the finely chopped bamboos may be directly consumed as salad after water treatment.