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One line in the article caught my eye, "Neol left the Selecter amid some acrimony over the rights to the band's name".
Now it seems to be going the way of so many privatised services; descending into acrimony, dispute, and inevitably, legal action.
Despite the acrimony, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said Monday the different sides could come to an agreement on the bailout within the next two days, with the possibility of another makeorbreak meeting on Friday.
Maybe we can now put previous acrimony aside and work to promote reading across the city in our recently reprieved libraries and our wonderful schools.
Preliminary results from the runoff contest between Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai are expected on July 2 and final results on July 22, amid growing acrimony among their supporters.
On his fifth trip to Asia, Kerry will be visiting South Korea, China and Indonesia, where officials traveling with him said he will be making the case for reducing regional acrimony over competing claims in the East and South China seas.
Wiggins is expected to ride as a domestique for Froome - the first time they have competed together since the Tour of Oman in February, and the acrimony which accompanied Froome's nomination as Team Sky's protected rider on Le Tour.
Summary: New Delhi: Acrimony over the selection yesterday of Narendra Modi to head the opposition's campaign .
The Italian feels it underlined the fact no acrimony remains over his resignation on a point of principle after John Terry was stripped of the England captaincy for a second time.
The endless acrimony, division and noise of our politics and public life make people feel like they live in the Tower of Babel.
The latest attack took place in the town of Gaziantep amid rising tensions because of the Syrian conflict and demonstrations of force by Syrian Kurds and growing acrimony between Turkey and Syria.
The acrimony over the Lindisfarne Gospels has eased with the planned loan to Durham by the Library next year, but it is hoped that one day soon a more equitable arrangement can be made with regard to that treasure too.