act as mediator

See: intercede
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for opposing parties to a dispute), there are exceptions for lawyers who are mediating or arbitrating a dispute between clients or former clients where the parties consent; it is in the best interests of the parties that the lawyer act as mediator or arbitrator and the parties acknowledge that the lawyer will not be representing either party, and that no confidentiality will apply to material information in the lawyer's possession (CPC -- Chapter 6).
The delegation of mediators also include Uganda s Foreign Minister Henry Oryem Okello, representing Yoweri Museveni, the fifth head of state making up a panel chosen by the European Union to act as mediators in Libya.
Senior judges should also be able to act as mediators, but they should be certified as mediators by the Supreme Court and meet special ethical considerations to avoid potential conflicts.
58) Circumstances also necessitated that the Norwegians act as mediators in the non-spatial arena of telecommunications.