act contrary

See: disoblige
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And you have to understand this, that a prince, especially a new one, cannot observe all those things for which men are esteemed, being often forced, in order to maintain the state, to act contrary to fidelity,[*] friendship, humanity, and religion.
Generally they mean only that they will do as they choose, in the confidence that no one will know their vagaries; and at the utmost only that they are willing to act contrary to the opinion of the majority because they are supported by the approval of their neighbours.
"Nay, I must not only confess what you have hinted," said Nightingale; "but I am afraid even that very promise you mention I have given." "And can you, after owning that," said Jones, "hesitate a moment?" "Consider, my friend," answered the other; "I know you are a man of honour, and would advise no one to act contrary to its rules; if there were no other objection, can I, after this publication of her disgrace, think of such an alliance with honour?" "Undoubtedly," replied Jones, "and the very best and truest honour, which is goodness, requires it of you.
Their way of life also is not consistent with the manners of the city, for it is too indulgent; whereas that of others is too severe; so that they cannot support it, but are obliged privately to act contrary to law, that they may enjoy some of the pleasures of sense.
`My dear Monsieur Bernouin,' he replied, `the king is madly in love with Mademoiselle de Mancini, that is all I have to tell you.' And then I asked him `Do you think, to such a degree that it will urge him to act contrary to the designs of his eminence?' `Ah!
Who would think that she would act contrary to her father's wish to sleep in the drawing-room?
"Yer see," said Sam, "yer see, Andy, if any such thing should happen as that Mas'r Haley's horse should begin to act contrary, and cut up, you and I jist lets go of our'n to help him, and we'll help him--oh yes!" And Sam and Andy laid their heads back on their shoulders, and broke into a low, immoderate laugh, snapping their fingers and flourishing their heels with exquisite delight.
He noted that every Muslim knows that Hajj has a specific function in the religion limited to the performance of its rituals, and that any act contrary to that is a transgression of the teachings of Islam.
To ask the members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina or anyone else to act contrary to the legal provisions is unethical and unacceptable.
Judge Peter Germanos in the landmark decision Saturday chose not to charge them or issue arrest warrants for violating Penal Code Article 534, which states that "any sexual act contrary to nature is punishable by imprisonment of one year."
The seizures were the result of investigations concerning the transportation of tobacco not stamped in accordance with Section 2 of the Excise Act contrary to section 121.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada.
The names of vandals who were given as: Onyedikachi Nwosu (18), Chinonso Ezenwanne (18) and Chizoba Ezedalu (22) were jailed for committing an act contrary to the provisions of the Miscellaneous Offences Act, Cap.M.17, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and Section 390(9) of the Criminal Code, Laws of the Federation 2004.