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There were angry calls yesterday for 10 executive and non-executive directors currently on the NHS Highland board to stand down or be suspended, amid claims they failed to act despite their own grave concerns about bullying in the organisation.
Edinburgh University's principal and vice-chancellor Peter Mathieson has been accused of failing to act despite nine complaints of bullying in the past year.
MPAs Malik Naseer Shahwani, Sardar Yar Mohammad Rind, Finance Minister Mir Zahoor Buledi, Syed Fazal Agha, Leader of Opposition Malik Sikandar and others expressed serious concern over failure of the police to arrest any of the terrorists involved in this inhuman act despite passage of three years.
Yet, SBA has refused to follow the Runway Extension Act despite its enactment nearly six months ago.
They said the agency failed to act despite their complaints.
Meanwhile, Robert Perillo, chairman of the Bulacan Motorcycle Riders Federation, remained hopeful that President Rodrigo Duterte would do something to amend the act despite his earlier approval.
The police, who had conspicuously failed to act despite pleas from some parents, eventually made dozens of arrests after clashes between relatives and authorities brought the issue into the media spotlight.
In a similar incident, Maulana Samiul Haq was assassinated in Rawalpindi and no one knows till today as to who carried out the dastardly act despite claims of CCTV installed at important places and roads.
He expressed his concern regarding lack of cleanliness and sewage water at streets and almost all the routes of rally to be taken out by the ATI which is condemnable act despite alerting the issues of cleanliness and sewage water to concerned authorities.
Eleazar berated them for being involved in a heinous act despite a similar incident last week wherein a police officer from Manila was arrested on allegations he raped the daughter of a drug suspect in exchange for the suspect's release.
Where description in verdict director matched only one alleged incident of sexual abuse, jury must have unanimously found defendant committed a specific criminal act despite victims testifying to multiple incidents of abuse.
572 would remain ''an illegal act despite government efforts to legitimize the tyrannical act with a bastardized version of the law.''