act dishonestly

See: cheat
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This man [Stephen Pringle] did not act dishonestly at all.
Madhu Rai, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said the company, which had a unit at Starley Way, produced components for Land Rover and that the defendant started to act dishonestly shortly after starting work there.
He was prepared to disregard relevant rules and regulations and also prepared to act dishonestly in order to try and maintain his and his family's lifestyle.
A BENEFIT claimant did not act dishonestly when he failed to declare money invested in bonds, a court heard.
Katherine Dunn, defending, explained that Yeaman did not act dishonestly, he was simply a bad businessman.
When she refused to give the vehicle, since it is the property of the organization and she does not want to be forced to act dishonestly, Karak Nyok was threatened more than once inside her office compound that she will be ambushed if she does not hand in the vehicle.
But members of the panel added he was a "good doctor", unlikely to act dishonestly again.
Second, the huge compensation packages afforded executives--particularly stock options--provide great incentives to act dishonestly Third, the public has not demanded honesty and accountability from business.
PARENTS are taking drastic steps to get their children into good schools with more than a quarter willing to act dishonestly to secure a place, a new survey reveals.
You were working extremely hard in an attempt to make it work and it was really this consideration which was at the forefront of your mind in deciding to act dishonestly, " Judge Richards said.
The dictionary uses phrases like ``to deceive by trickery'' and ``to act dishonestly.
This study shows beyond question that an exceptionally high number of young people act dishonestly or irresponsibly.