act foolishly

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Some people do act foolishly, even maliciously, But the vast majority excercise their democratic rights and freedoms peacefully.
The few who don't are depending on GOP hotheads to act foolishly and pull the rug out from under their own side by grossly overstating their case.
Young people today might - like we all did and, let's be honest, like some of us still do - act foolishly at times.
He told the crowd: "Many act foolishly along life's journey, especially when young and immature.
Many act foolishly, especially when young and immature," Dr Smith said.
Ahmed Khairy, leading figure of the Free Egyptians Party: The arrest of Ahmed Maher - or when those in power act foolishly.
Drink and drugs caused him to act foolishly, magistrates were told.
The debit card is the single most successful and innovative financial product in the last 30 years," he said, arguing that financial institutions in general but credit unions and community banks in particular will act foolishly if they try to limit or stop the way consumers use their debit cards.
And he's not alone: many apparently "smart" people act foolishly a lot of the time.
In a nutshell: Four clam-digging buddies on 1970s Long Island face social and economic changes, act foolishly in response.
The OED, which defines footle in its verb form as "to talk or act foolishly, to trifle or 'potter,'" gives only three examples of its usage, two of which are from Anstey, who was clearly quite fond of the term.
Always desirous of being a winner, they do not accept defeat and have little tolerance for those who act foolishly.