act improperly

See: mismanage
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"It is important to note that, in all of the circumstances, he considers that, even with hindsight, the board did not act improperly and alternative approaches to Mr Rolet's succession would still have caused disruption
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)'s investigation concluded officers - who were searching the house for drugs - did not act improperly.
The JQC determined the religious comments were an isolated incident and that Singbush did not act improperly concerning the NCIC report.
"I realize that some Ministers act improperly. Of course, some Minsiters may lose their jobs.
WEST HAM have been warned they will face another Premier League commission if they act improperly in resolving the Tevez transfer row.
Any suggestion Mr Duncan Smith did act improperly would be seized on by opponents bidding to unseat him.