act jointly

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He said that all of us have to act jointly to eliminate the menace of corruption as giving and taking bribe both are Haram in Islam.
Turkey, Iran have consented to act jointly to bring stability to the province despite of few segments between both the nations.
WASHINGTON, Feb 18 (KUNA) -- Super powers have called for political settlement to the Libyan crisis noting that the international community must act jointly to deal with the problem.
At a general meeting of the duly convened and held at Inksters, The Exchange 142 St Vincent Street G2 5LA on 27/11/2014, the following Resolutions were passed as a Special Resolution and an Ordinary Resolution respectively: "That the Company be wound up voluntarily, that Shane Biddlecombe and Gordon Johnston (IP numbers 9425 and 8616) of HJS Recovery, 12-14 Carlton Place Southampton SO15 2EA, be and are hereby appointed Joint Liquidators of the Company for the purposes of such winding up, and that the Joint Liquidators be authorised to act jointly and severally in the Liquidation.
Now our focus should be to act jointly again to avoid a relapse into a recession," Draghi said, according to his spokesman, who quoted from his speech.
The United States, a close ally of Britain, has said it could launch air strikes and act jointly with its arch-enemy Iran to shore up the Iraqi government after a rampage by Sunni Islamist insurgents across Iraq that has scrambled alliances in the Middle East.
The move is seen as a diplomatic breakthrough that underscores the West's desire to secure Tehran's help in Iraq and elsewhere after the United States, a close British ally, said it may launch air strikes and act jointly with arch-enemy Iran to shore up the Iraqi government.
problems in Georgia's security are created and that's why we are to act jointly.
if the attorneys are appointed in one contract without any of them being given the power to act individually, they must act jointly unless the work is such that it cannot be done jointly with another such as legal representation, but provided that (the person acting on his own) must consult the others appointed with him, or unless it is a matter which does not require the exchange of views such as the collection or payment of a debt.
The discussions included how the US and Pakistan can work together to identify their shared interests and act jointly on them, said a press release.
I told Gruevski that he loves his nation and therefore it will be very easy for him to communicate with Albanians to act jointly for the country's interests.
We would like to act jointly with Turkey regarding Somalia issue, he added.