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"was an Act of God, that its severity and--in particular--its storm
In general, however, response to an emergency caused either by a terrorist act, an accident, or an "act of God" remains largely in the hands of the local community.
We believe that Christ's Resurrection is the act of God in raising to life the whole identity and reality of Jesus.
While no liability was established in this suit and previous suits in federal and state actions had upheld the pipeline firms' "act of God" defense, the companies agreed to transfer some laud and pay a sum to help rebuild affected estuarine and freshwater marsh habitats along the river.
They are "an act of God that came straight through Africa." God decided that he wanted some nappy hair in the world because "one Nap of her hair is the only perfect circle in nature." And when he finished his act of creation, he looked at Brenda's hair and said, "Well done.
It wasn't a rule change, a Supreme Court decision, or an Act of God that produced the metamorphosis.
That in our real religious view of the world we see the defeat and destruction of our enemies as an act of God? Is it possible that it only bothers us when bad things happen to good people, or at least to people we think of as good?
And in his work, emotion is communicated through weather - storms often chase the girls and there is always the threat of an act of god, natural disaster, the elements slipping out of control.
Amazingly, this widespread destruction was not caused by fire, flood or an unforeseen act of God. It was the result of a real estate auction -- a sales process being chosen today by a number of banks and other owners desperate to dispose of large inventories of unsold apartment units.
Some of the residents who expressed optimism that Buhari would complete the development projects he started, described the re-election as an 'act of God'.
MANILA -- As widespread flooding has virtually become the new normal when it rains, with or without a typhoon, more and more motorists are availing themselves of the so-called "Act of God" coverage for their vehicles, according to the Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association (Pira).
Asking 'why?' is natural at times like this, but intuitively it is clear that there cannot be any good reason for what was truly an 'act of God'.