act of copying

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DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor on his personal Twitter account pointed out the evident act of copying.
Duterte claimed that the act of copying legislation from another country, referring to the Pangilinan law, 'produced a generation of criminals' because criminal offenders below 15 years old never spent time in detention.
However, Beijing Municipal High People's Court ( said the company's application to label foods and beverages "face book" was a blatant act of copying and harmed fair market competition.
But I never felt a calling for painting; while I was skilled, the act of copying was where my talent lay.
"A religion is a belief system with rituals," say the Kopimists, who contend that the search and circulation of knowledge is sacred, as is the act of copying.
Under the British question to copy or not to copy, she discusses the act of copying in literature, reproduction and imitation in art, and copyright.
1 : the act of copying someone or something <She does great imitations of celebrities.>
The intellect benefits from this manual act of copying because it is thus provided with the standards by which it can exercise judgment.