act of generosity

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He was not debased in his own eyes by what he had done, and as for praising Katharine, were they not partners, conspirators, people bent upon the same quest together, so that to praise the pursuit of a common end as an act of generosity was meaningless.
Star apprentice Cieren Fallon's 5lb claim goes some way towards cancelling out the 6lb penalty for my selection's Yarmouth win - and 25-1 about his chance is a rare act of generosity on the part of the bookmakers.
"My response to this is to affirm that one act of kindness, one act of generosity, one act of compassion, one act of forgiveness, one act of love, by one person to another, changes that other person's life; and if one person's life is changed then the world is changed and changed for the better.
"That is such an act of generosity to your new sister-in-law.
But, the act of generosity and harmony was seen from Pakistan side.
Had it been he who had settled the bill, a small act of generosity to acknowledge his own past love on the most romantic day of the year?
As a final act of generosity, Jason donated his organs and tissues to Gift of Hope where he will generously help dozens of other people.
SAIS family was touched because parents witnessed how the simple act of generosity gave warmth and laughter and cheer.
This act of generosity has gone above and beyond in helping those in need, especially during the holiday season.
Yet far more sinister and bloodthirsty creatures lurk upon American highways; when Nash accepts a mysterious hitchhiker destined for Tuscon, his simple act of generosity snowballs into a wild and deadly adventure against horrifying enemies!
His final act of generosity for the town he loved was revealed by the Royal Sutton Coldfield Community Town Hall Trust (RSCTHT), which said it was about to announce Sir Doug as its first major donor this week.
Recognizing that act of generosity, it reminds us of what Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, D.D.