act of generosity

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He was not debased in his own eyes by what he had done, and as for praising Katharine, were they not partners, conspirators, people bent upon the same quest together, so that to praise the pursuit of a common end as an act of generosity was meaningless.
He pointed out that great sacrifices and clinical advances of dedicated health professionals and countless act of generosity has established shining example of human solidarity.
The new leader doesn't forget Norman's act of generosity and welcomes the Manhattan fixer into his inner circle, to the chagrin of the Israeli chief of staff, Duby (Yehuda Almagor).
She got in touch with Neil Prendeville on Cork's Red FM to explain: "I just wanted to share an amazing act of generosity I have experienced.
Every now and then, I teach a class to young would-be journalists and one of the first things I talk about is why I consider writing an act of generosity.
They saw that in this act of generosity, Conner could live on through the precious gift of organ donation, and that the sacrifice could stop others suffering the same anguish.
Giving blood is an act of generosity, citizenship, that cannot be conditioned on sexual orientation," she said in a statement.
Then, in an act of generosity, an unused treestand was offered to the group by fellow hunters leaving the area.
Itani attributed the bigger quota of hajj visas which Lebanon received this year to "an act of generosity by Saudi King Salman bin Abdel-Aziz.
It's all because of an injured sparrow and an act of generosity, and parents will find this story lends to a lovely read-aloud experience and early discussion of giving.
AN account glitch threatened to scupper charity champion Katie Cutler's latest act of generosity after some online donations towards a purpose-made wheelchair for a North Tyneside toddler were returned to their senders.
An act of generosity still accomplishes exactly the same amount of good, but the reminder that there's much more to be done drains the motivation to do whatever good we can.