act of inhumanity

See: brutality
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The petition which stands against cruelty on animals and abuse asks people to protest against the act of inhumanity which is prevailing today.
'This act of inhumanity and cowardice, taking the lives of our comrades in a surprise attack, will not just pass as another common incident in our day-to-day operation on the fight against illegal drugs,' Aquino said.
PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino condemned the ambush as an "act of inhumanity and cowardice." "We will use all our resources to put these animals in jail.
Kingsley Ohens has described as mischievous and a clear act of inhumanity to humanity, the fresh charges of arms possession brought by the Attorney General of Edo State against the 10 Esan youths currently in detention for allegedly stoning Governor Godwin Obaseki at Irrua.
It is an act of inhumanity by the Trump administration so gross -- so rotting, worm-ridden and hair-covered -- that many evangelical leaders have refused to swallow it.
Current events prompted Patricia Bernstein, author of a book on the KKK in Texas, to offer a historical perspective: "When we turn our backs on refugees - in this present case, the Syrians who have suffered all the plagues of Job and more in the last few years - we commit an unpardonable act of inhumanity. We also weaken and degrade our country by falling victim to today's version of Klanspeak, which seeks to demonize all immigrants who fall into certain religious or ethnic categories."
For decades this appalling act of inhumanity and an immense national tragedy have been kept a secret by the Soviet Union, vehemently denied and largely unknown to the world.
families receive justice for an inexcusable act of inhumanity.
He prayed for peace of the departed souls, and may the families receive justice for an inexcusable act of inhumanity.
He also said that killing a person only on the basis of suspicion was an act of inhumanity. He said that nobody could be allowed to take law and order into their hands.
Shame on the AHVLA and the UK Government that they should even consider such an act of inhumanity in a civilisation where animal welfare is paramount and cruelty abhorrent.
"This is an act of inhumanity," said Da Buba Gyang, the traditional ruler of the Christian Berom ethnic group in Jos.