act of judgment

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But this does not entail that every exercise of the first capacity is an act of judgment.
Only an epistemology that locates valid interpretation in an act of judgment can secure the responsible plurality in biblical interpretation to which these authors aspire.
We felt this was an act of judgment on the Bishop's part, with total disregard for John's internal forum.
Whether his fear is motivated by his loss of honor and job, or by a spiritual conviction that this earthquake is an act of judgment on an unredeemable life, his despair is apparent.
For artists, that act of judgment is inherent in practice, for all work is a response to and a comment on (even a critical interpretation of) other works, whether explicit or not.
In a small community with a short history it can be more difficult to make exacting judgments about one's work, especially when the community is suspicious of outside standards and ambivalent about the very act of judgment.
Conflicting appeals must be weighed in an act of judgment (for which there are no further criteria of evaluation) that decides which action is supported by the preponderance of evidence.
Here there are no general answers as how to make good judgments, as the act of judgment always comes down to persuasion both within and between social practices.
Yet the act of judgment remains the key to his metaphysics, as the relation between understanding and judgment mirrors the distinction of essence from existence in created being, and so offers a way to move to the source of that being.
33) All this implies that an enuntiabile is a statement, that is, the verbal expression of a proposition formed in an act of judgment.
Marechal had shown that the human spirit, in the act of judgment, possesses a tendential intuition, open to the intelligible unity of being and to the transcendence of absolute spirit.
Wodeham's Rule: the object of a given act of judgment is the same as the object of the mental sentence that precedes (and causes) that judgment.