act of killing

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All that might have gone into the creation and growth of a being, all the complexity of a living functioning being, can be brought to absolute cessation by the act of killing.
Unfortunately I feel that our children are to a certain extent being failed by adults in that many films glorify the act of killing another human being and neglect to focus on the consequences of such acts.
Although the debate over capital punishment arises from time to time in the media, as it recently did in New York, the actual act of killing has been concealed from the public eye for over a century.
THE ACT OF KILLING MAY BE DEEMED good or bad, depending on who kills whom and why.
He said this ghastly act of killing innocent children and teachers indicates that the militants are not only enemies of Pakistan, but the enemies of whole humanity.
This fun but flimsy film improbably beat The Act Of Killing to win the best documentary Oscar earlier this month.
ISLAMABAD -- The Senate on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the barbaric act of killing journalist Rehmatullah Abid in Panjgur and expressed solidarity with the journalists.
It is the act of killing itself that traumatizes the mother.
He set aside the cause of death recorded on her death certificate by Shipman and added: 'I have to be satisfied that some individual committed that act of killing but I am forbidden by law from publicly declaring the identity of the person and including that in the inquisition form I sign at the conclusion.
The Act of Killing 122mins 15 DIRECTOR Werner Herzog has called this documentary one of the most frightening things he's ever seen.
The act of killing of innocent people had caused wave of unrest in the masses so it should be discussed in detail" the motion said.
In other cases, the act of killing provides a substitute sexual thrill.