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ACT UP not only created a public spectacle that attracted the attention of onlookers, it also sought to educate its captive audience by distributing thousands of copies of a fact sheet entitled "Why We Are Angry" along with a New York Times op-ed piece penned by Kramer.
Although ACT UP successfully disrupted the day's activities at the FDA within half an hour, they continued their performance for another eight hours.
Those who hold an image of ACT UP as an all young white gay male movement founded, led, and focused on one man, Larry Kramer, will come away from this book totally disabused of that fallacy.
The main people in ACT UP had been apolitical, totally apolitical.
When New York's Gay and Lesbian Pride march kicks off on June 24, the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, ACT UP New York will not be marching.
MN: If you remember what the initial goals of ACT UP were--to publicize the crisis, to get drugs into bodies, and to end the AIDS crisis--we accomplished two of the three.
The information is there, and that's a huge difference from the time that ACT UP started.
ACT UP groups from around the country converged on the bureaucracy's headquarters.
Members of ACT UP were consulted and invited to attend meetings.
Clinton made sure a lot of what ACT UP was pushing for came true," says Andriote.
ACT UP has struggled to adapt to the new political reality.
Was ACT UP going to press only for drugs and treatment, or was it also going to fight for broader access to health care?