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Not until late August 1783, almost a year after Schiller's flight from Wurttemberg, and when new and actable plays from his pen for Mannheim seemed guaranteed, did Dalberg engage the now effectively stateless playwright on a one-year contract that was not extended and thus left him again indebted and without any secure income, however small.
This included the writing of numerous plays, mostly in verse and not very actable, and also the producing or rejecting of plays by other writers, often arousing violent clashes in the press and in the theater building whenever Irish puritanism felt provoked.
One sentence would surely offend Conrad, contradicting his own estimation of his language: Conrad's dialogue "is not active, actable dialogue." The gratuitous length of the text must be cut mercilessly; with "too much talk, talk, talk," the play ran too long on the stage.
Articulate knowledge in the form of methods and tools thus gained importance, not as actable knowledge per se, but by providing the consulting organization with a common language.
First-time writer DeObia Oparei has heart and good intentions to spare, not to mention a gift for highly actable parts, starting with the lead role that Oparei quite rightly takes himself.
What this production does is to set out before us R C Sherriff's A Shred of Evidence as a play that is not particularly original but extremely actable where everyone on stage gets an opportunity in scenes notable for their excellent writing while at the same time providing very good solos for the leads.
The story is thin, but the characters are actable and credible.