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During CTE Month in February, ACTE hosted a CTSO Twitter Chat during which student officers answered a series of questions about the impact their CTSO has had on their personal and professional lives.
18-20 May 2008, ACTE will hold a Global Symposium on data privacy, addressing the issues of laptop seizures.
Regional ACTE Involvement--Region V: Nominations Committee (2004-2005), Nominations Committee Chair (2002-2004), Conference Presenter (2001, 2004, 2008), Conference Attendee (2001, 2004, 2008)
Post-conference information is available on the ACTE website, www.
For the past eight years, the Fellowship Program has been one of the major leadership development initiatives of ACTE.
In addition to the educational and roundtable discussions that have become an industry standard for ACTE events held around the world, the Costa Rica event will also host a smaller version of the association's successful "Solutions Showcase.
But I was never made to feel that my opinion didn't matter, and over time I discovered that ACTE provided me with the opportunities to grow and develop professionally in ways that local or state experiences alone would not.
With offices in South Africa, Singapore, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Germany, and the United States, and professional staff providing support to ACTE members in now more than 82 countries worldwide, ACTE has grown to host or co-host more than 60 international events in key locations and reach more than 6,000 corporate travel, procurement, finance and business executives each year.
President (2012-2015), Policy Committee (20102012, 2006-2008); Fellows Coordinator (2009-2011), Membership Committee (2004-2005) ACTE NationalOther Activities: State Task Force Chair (2014); Region Task Force Chair (2013); Resolutions Committee (2011 2014) State/Local: Arizona ACTE: Past President (2010); President (2009); President-Elect (2008); Arizona Senior Fellow (2006-2007); Arizona Sophomore Fellow (2005-2006); Arizona Freshman Fellow (2004-2005); SkillsUSA/VICA Advisor (1987-present)
A seasoned ACTE leader, the coordinator works with ACTE staff to craft a specific program of work for the Fellows each year, This individual guides and mentors the Fellows through the year, providing important insight and encouragement along the way.
National ACTE Involvement: ACTE Nomination Committee member; VISION presenter (2015); Educator in Action (current); Educators in Action Techniques writer (2016); VISION attendee (Atlanta, Las Vegas, Nashville); responsive to all Action Alerts; voting member; supports advocacy