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Lydon's antics didn't stop there as he kept up his bolshie image by acting the fool and pulling silly faces.
You can't do things other kids can like go out drinking and acting the fool with your friends.
WEATHERGIRL Helen Willetts was almost lost for words yesterday when a man in a rat costume started acting the fool as she gave a live broadcast.
DARREN GOUGH left the West Indies tongue-tied and goggle-eyed by acting the fool at the Old Trafford playhouse yesterday.
From Monday to Saturday I was hanging, partying, chasing girls, getting in trouble and straight up acting the fool," the 23-year-old recalls.
Hardly qualifications for acting the fool and playing in a band.
She accused him of making lecherous advances and acting the fool during their Blind Date holiday in Portugal.
It was probably a fed-up England supporter trying to get the message across that it's time he stopped acting the fool.
Says our spy in his 1 Leicester Square studio: "Russell was acting the fool - as usual - and threw the glass to the ground.
Noel's idol Sir Paul McCartney might have been acting the fool when he claimed to find inspiration to finish writing some of his songs while on the toilet.
Now a twice-divorced businesswoman, Alex says: "We were usually with a group of friends on those holidays, Jeremy would be acting the fool, showing off and making sure he was the centre of attention.