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MIT Sloan Associate Dean for International Programs and Action Learning Yasheng Huang says, "The anniversary of this project is tremendously exciting, as our work has extended to other areas through deep collaborations with faculty, but also between students working on projects with local startups in China Lab.
Action learning is an impactful way to improve physician engagement and leadership effectiveness and build leadership competencies, while working toward tangible business results.
Over the course of my action learning project I have found iPads to be very effective and versatile learning tools for Indigenous students.
Data analysis demonstrated that the practice teachers (PTs) valued the dedicated module and action learning sets (ALS) enhanced their knowledge and skills
After an introduction to the theory and practice of lifelong action learning, they present cases demonstrating the use of GULL in rural communities in developing countries, showing how lifelong action learning can help individuals and communities attain self-reliance and financial independence.
Action learning is a collaborative approach to facing novel, problematic situations for which ambiguous and emergent tasks become the vehicle for learning.
The evolution to action learning, hybrid executive education is not only improving the quality of the executive, but the quality of business research leading to improved outcomes at organizations which use the research.
Tichy was head of GE's Leadership Center, the fabled Crotonville, where he led the transformation to action learning at GE.
Islamabad -- A group of 10 newly inducted public sector Institutional Heads of Pakistan attended a week long programme on leadership, strategic planning, commercialization of universities, research & development, quality assurance, action learning and knowledge exchange at United Kingdom.
The programme does so in a dynamic, effective way - integrating active teaching with action learning, encouraging participants to share knowledge and experience with their peers and then apply what they have learnt to their own business situation.
Captains' presentations of their Action Learning Plan.
With a balance of lecture discussion and breakout sessions, the three-day intensive hands-on, action learning experience was focused on technology entrepreneurship.

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