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It is known, for example, that the ion channels may be voltage-gated and also mechanically sensitive [48] and that an action potential generates an axoplasmic pressure wave in the intersticial fluid [43,44].
Setting the high-pass filter at 2 kHz, reduces the contribution of the low frequency components of the action potentials of more distant muscles and proximate muscle fibers and narrows the pick-up area of the CNE (2).
Caption: Figure 5: Effects of STV and pinacidil on action potential of guinea pig ventricular myocytes.
Considering the results of the synchronization pattern with the Hodgkin-Huxley model and the RCLSJ circuit using the controller obtained by the improved adadtive track scheme, we can infer that the system includes RCLSJ circuit when the controller reproduces the dynamic action potentials of cell due to the passage of sodium, potassium and other ion channels to generate the trans membrane potential.
In this study, it is aimed to find whether PCBm sensory nerve action potentials are affected in CTS patients.
In the first phase of the action potential (depolarisation), there is rapid opening of the sodium channels in the membrane, sodium rushes into the cell bringing a positive charge with it.
To investigate the effects of R(+)-pulegone on the action potential, the holding potential was set to -80 mV.
Action potential is equivalent to the active response of the neuron, which can be modeled based on the Hodgkin-Huxley equivalent circuit model using variable resistors representing voltage-dependent ion channels.
During bradycardia, the action potential of the M cells is more vulnerable to prolongation compared to the other two cell types [20], likely due to larger late sodium and sodium/calcium exchange currents and a weaker slowly activating delayed rectifier current (IKs) [27].
Methadone inhibits hERG voltage gated potassium channel and prolongs action potential and QT interval.

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