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But live action replays on big screens only serve to polarise the referee's position and allow teams to look for a fall-guy as the reason they've been beaten.
Now one of the Dons heroes of the midweek triumph over Celtic at Parkhead, wants an action replay of his strike today - though this time Tosh is hoping any goal against Rangers counts more than the last one.
I would also think that the action replay showed it to be worse than it was.
Creator Dr Lars Bo Larsen said yesterday: "Players can ask James for an action replay or extra help on where to aim the cue ball.
Nine minutes into the second half Barnsley took the lead with almost an action replay of their first goal.
I had to point out my 'second' was an action replay.
VIPUL Shah got top Hollywood make- up artist Paul Pattison to finalise the look for Aishwarya Rai- Bachchan and Akshay Kumar in his film, Action Replay.
Half an hour later we almost saw an action replay in the Group 3 6f sprint, with Evening Time travelling sweetly off the rail entering the final furlong.
When it comes to a good read, Boro star Chris Riggott likes nothing better than an Action Replay.
HUMBLE maggot hookbait did the trick at Moss Lake as Ian Platt (Ted Carter's Southport) won with 52lb 1oz, in an action replay of last week's success.
Thirty five minutes later it was action replay time as fast finishing Nayyir went for a gap that closed in the Criterion Stakes and could manage only fourth in a six-strong field.
Newcastle United midfielder Lee Bowyer was banned from the road yesterday after a video action replay allowed him to plead guilty to driving at 99mph.

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