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Giving sufficient legal grounds for a lawsuit; giving rise to a Cause of Action.

An act, event, or occurrence is said to be actionable when there are legal grounds for basing a lawsuit on it. For example, an assault is an actionable tort.

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adj. when enough facts or circumstances exist to meet the legal requirements to file a legitimate lawsuit. If the facts required to prove a case cannot be alleged in the complaint, the case is not "actionable" and the client and his attorney should not file a suit. Of course, whether many cases are actionable is a matter of judgment and interpretation of the facts and/or law, resulting in many lawsuits that clog the courts. Incidentally, if a case is filed which is clearly not actionable, it may result in a lawsuit against the filer of the original suit for malicious prosecution by the defendant after he/she has won the original suit. (See: cause of action, malicious prosecution, lawsuit)

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affording grounds for legal action.
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(3,6,8) Based on the results of this cohort study, only a very small percentage of patients undergoing major orthopedic procedures have actionably abnormal immediate postoperative laboratory values.
Our data also do not take into account those values that may have been classified actionably abnormal before surgery, such as for those patients with pre-existing kidney disease.
the F- and S-Words could be actionably indecent, even when the word is
expletives could be actionably indecent, and the Commission
But in 2004, the FCC changed its policy so that even a single aired expletive could be actionably indecent.
7, 2005) (stating that a something for nothing exchange represents an actionably disproportional relationship between the fees paid and the services rendered)).
The Commission found that "[t]o the extent that the colloquial terms that the participants used to describe organs and activities could be described as innuendo rather than as direct references, they are nonetheless sufficient to render the material actionably indecent because the 'sexual [and] excretory import' of those references was 'unmistakable.'" (84) The Commission also found that the hosts of the show "dwelled at length on and referred repeatedly to sexual or excretory activities and organs," and that "the descriptions of sexual and excretory activity and organs were not in any way isolated and fleeting." (85)
10, 2001) (invalidating a nontermination clause extending five months after a shareholder vote as "an actionably coercive condition impeding the free exercise of the Wachovia shareholder's right to vote on the merger").
It is also why a bunch of MPs, brought together under the fun-sounding but actionably misleading title of the All-Party Betting and Gaming Group (if any of that lot have done much partying, let alone betting or gaming, I'll be more surprised than if Dandy Nicholls fails to win the Stewards' Cup), came to an apparently unanimous decision to urge the Government not to allow betting in pubs.
in apparently immoral situations are also actionably indecent.
The Commission also found an Oprah program on sex not actionably