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SRE activation leading to c-fos transcription, although a good risk indicator, is not sufficient for transformation because promotion-resistant cells can induce c-fos expression in response to TPA or EGF (24).
MetaSolv's multi-vendor, multi-service activation capabilities have been deployed by more than 75 operators in over 26 countries for an array of services including VoIP, IPTV, IP VPN, mobile, broadband, voice and data.
We investigated MAP kinase activation in confluent, quiescent cultures of Xenopus (XTC-2) cells as an in vitro model of oxidant- and bacterial-induced cellular stress.
The most common serotype in the TA activation group was 19A, which accounted for 12 of the 22 cases.
In addition, the Synchronoss Activation Services Platform includes built in end-to-end visibility and analytics features meaning carriers and channel partners can continually monitor and automatically optimize the customer experience for activating a new device or service.
The findings reported in this brief were based on self-reported survey data collected in the 2012 Access to Care file (fielded in Fall 2012) and the Patient Activation Supplement (2) (fielded in Summer 2013).
With Safe Activation and the new ShipIt application, a vendor can automate order processing on their website without an online merchant account.
Advertising serves to address the varying needs of the consumers but brand activation has become the popular choice when it comes to making an impact.
ActiveSync mobile device activations in October 2011 to 26 percent in December 2011.
Exposure to R5 gp120 and X4 gp 120 resulted in activation of pro line-rich tyrosine kinase 2 (Pyk2), a non-receptor tyrosine kinase related to focal adhesion kinase.
Ironically, activation makes immune cells more vulnerable to the infection.

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