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Summerfield et al.8 reported that when a house was perceived as a face, the FFA exhibited greater activation and that the medial frontal region, which is responsible for decision making, also showed a high level of activation.
The most exciting part of working with PointNine Lintas was the shared value, freedom to think beyond the obvious and the joint belief that we are creating a scalable and transparent tomorrow for our clients in Activation using technology.
Barnes and his associates set out to evaluate the demographic and clinical characteristics associated with higher patient activation in patients with IBD.
The most common serotype in the TA activation group was 19A, which accounted for 12 of the 22 cases.
It is evident from the abovementioned works that a single value of activation energy, which is probably an average value over the entire pyrolysis temperature range, is not appropriate to model the process kinetics, and the distribution of activation energy values would serve the purpose better.
For Company A, AEBs prior to an SCE and advisory AEBs averaged a max deceleration of 0.38 g and 0.2 g respectively, while the one false AEB had a maximum "deceleration" of -0.04 g (meaning the driver was applying the gas pedal and actually accelerated through the activation).
Lotze and Halsband suggest that simple, highly kinesthetic tasks may increase Ml activation [27].
Many researchers also have reported different increased activation regions in schizophrenia patients from pre- to post-CRT.
This guide describes a behavioral activation program to help adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 overcome depression.
The Synchronoss Activation Services Platform has been enhanced to be fundamentally more scalable, easily accessible and more distributable to our Communication Service Provider (CSP) customers as well as our broad portfolio of channel partners to dramatically simplify the activation and provisioning of new devices and services.
Efficient FPGA implementation of activation function is a multi-criteria task.
While numerous studies clearly have associated glial activation with persistent pain in animal models, none previously have documented glial activation in the brain of humans with chronic pain.

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