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The telecom regulator notes that the activation of value added services had become the cause of many customer complaints.
Tablet activations increased from 19 percent of total
Develop concise, easy-to-follow procedures for staff response to monitoring/security system activation.
a provider of software protection solutions for securing high value and mission critical applications, announced today a technology partnership with Uniloc USA, a leading provider of device locked product activation software.
The new wireless activation service is yet another example of ModusLink's commitment to generating high-value solutions that meet the unique challenges of our clients," said Joseph C.
BeVocal, the leading provider of hosted customer self-service solutions, today announced the availability of automated handset activation for wireless carriers.
The BCA program provides the Company with six sources of revenue: revenue from the sale of the bulk programming to the property owner; a percentage of the revenue earned by DIRECTV from the sale of "upgraded" programming; an installation fee from residents that choose to upgrade their service; an "access fees" from residents that require more than one set-top receiver for their upgraded service; an activation fee from DIRECTV for each unit in the property receiving the 70 channel bulk package; and, an activation fee from DIRECTV for each resident that upgrades their service.
Fourth quarter 2001 postpaid net retail customer additions represented a 36% increase over the 38,169 postpaid net retail additions for the same quarter one year earlier, reflecting the impact of changes made last spring to the Company's product distribution strategy and customer account activation process.
Year to date, postpaid activations have accounted for 63% of new retail customers acquired.
GERS, a leading provider of enterprise-wide retail solutions for the Telco industry, announced today the introduction of "@ctivate," an ASP-capable application for credit scoring and activation.
NASDAQ NM:USCM) Thursday announced that it has enhanced its Remote Activation Process (RAP) to simplify substantially the retail purchase process for wireless products and reduce costs both to the company and to its mass merchandiser customers.

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