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ACTIVE. The opposite, of passive. We say active debts, or debts due to us; passive debts are those we owe.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Now, in addition to a $9 million "Streetdance 3D" sequel in the works, the shingle has three other 3D films added to its slate, making it the most active 3D shingle in Blighty.
Visitors were then given active 3D glasses that enabled them to enjoy the full immersive experience of viewing HD 3D content.
The final 3D content will be sentfor screening at a 20-seater showcase area, where active 3D glasses will be given to the audience for the 'LIVE' viewing.
9 WHAT'S the difference between passive and active 3D glasses?
Calif.,the world's leading developer of active 3D technology systems for cinema, television and gaming applications, has partnered with Discovery Communications to showcase its new 24-hour 3D channel venture at presentations to advertisers in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles this spring.
Combined with active 3D glasses and 3D software the entire installation is very reasonably priced, using only one projector and also eliminates the need for special filters or screens.
Stork Prints Austria has introduced Active 3D RIP, a new raster image processing (RIP) software tool that automatically generates ideal dot dimensions across the whole tonal range, for producing high-quality half-tones by the direct laser engraving process.
Here, the Samsung takes the crown, with the active 3D having lots of depth, and very less visible cross-talk.
The S90 will also come with features like edge-lit LED backlights, a removable Skype camera, and active 3D, with two 3D glasses included in the box.
For the 66th Cannes Film Festival, XPAND will deploy its high-end Infinity active 3D glasses, which provide the brightest, most vivid and realistic 3D images available.