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The industry trend toward active archiving is being enabled and accelerated by recent advancements in active archive applications as well as archive tape and disk storage technologies.
Most importantly, active archiving ensures data quality and referential integrity.
Active archiving combines the best of the storage world and the database world to address skyrocketing database growth in mission-critical databases.
Going well beyond the traditional definition of archiving, active archiving is a proven technology that safely archives and removes precise subsets of rarely used data from complex relational databases with 100% accuracy.
The active archiving suite includes Princeton Softech's Archive for Servers for open systems environments with support for the leading databases (Oracle, DB2 UDB, SQL Server, Sybase, and Informix), and application-specific editions for PeopleSoft and Amdocs Clarify.
Active Archiving Service for Email has been introduced by Iron Mountain Digital, a provider of data backup/recovery and archiving software and services and part of Iron Mountain Incorporated, providing a solution for managing e-mail storage, retention and legal discovery.
Unlike EMC's Centera or MS Sharepoint, Princeton Softech's active archiving technology is meant to work with structured data, namely the tables and relationships typically found in databases.
Active archiving is similar to HSM, providing users the ability to manage rarely accessed data.
The Active Archive Alliance has emerged as the leading advocate of best-in-class active archiving standards, processes and products.
Sybase's Tom Traubitz, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), defined active archiving this way: "Let's take this to another level of abstraction--you are tiering performance of access, or directness of accessibility based on frequency of use.
Spectra Logic's modern, intelligent tape libraries provide active archiving storage that delivers power efficiency, high density, reliability, low cost, fast access times and easily integration with archive management applications - making it easy for organizations to achieve simplified access to all their archived data.
A high-performance, high-availability, highly scalable, and active archiving solution, GridBank satisfies any organization's regulatory, governance, and compliance requirements by ensuring secure, long- term data retention, and fast search and retrieval of valuable business records.