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The cause or causes of this loss of strength is an active area of research.
Another active area of research and debate is antibiotic resistance.
This work emphasizes the crucial role that the internal coherence can play in collective properties of cold gases and has immediate relevance to the very active area of research on two-component Fermi gases.
Last month, the ship JOIDES Resolution installed two more CORKS in a seismically active area off Costa Rica--bringing the worldwide total to 19.
The new UV-enhanced SPCM uses a unique "Geiger-mode" Si APD (UV-SliK(TM)) with a circular active area that achieves a peak PDE of over 75% (10%+ more efficient than other offerings on the market) at 500 nm over the full 180 om active area.
Tenders are invited for Job Contract For Installation, Dismantling And Transporting Of NPCIL Scaffolding At Various Elevations In Different Building Active And Non-Active Area, Collection Of Metallic Scrap From The Active Non Active Areas, DC And Depositing In Store WMP During Normal Unit Operation And PSD BSD
2-mm diameter active area and a high-speed response of 0.
While most of the attention of Los Angeles voters was on the race for mayor, the hard-fought council battle was being waged in the city's most affluent and politically active area.
The investment opportunity provides a chance to develop in a highly active area.
Each of the 16 elements in the PSS AD-LA16-9DIL has an active area of 640 [micro]m x 239 [micro]m, with a separation of 81 [micro]m.
A sun-drenched branch might trigger a rise in ion concentration, which in turn might widen membrance pores and trigger faster inflow of water to a biochemically active area.
This disease is one with complex, poorly understood causes, and is an active area of research in neurobiology in part because of the increased incidence in recent decades.

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