active attention

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He reminds us that it is our loving and active attention to the will of the Father that makes us members of his family.
The emergency braking system Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA4), the fatigue alert Active Attention Assist and the turning assistant Active Sideguard Assist minimize accident and danger risks for the driver as well as all other road users, therefore contributing to a safer and more efficient freight transport.
Cats, she says, don't need as much active attention as a dog might, which suits the model just fine.
To conduct the study, the researchers randomized nearly 200 adults with obesity to a mindfulness intervention or an active attention control group over a five-and-a-half month period, with a subsequent one-year follow up.
Summary: True engagement needs to be looked at in terms of conscious active attention but how do you measure active attention and brand impact?
In addition, we show that sepsis readmissions have a significant impact on healthcare expenditures relative to other high-risk conditions that are receiving active attention and interventions.
Wealthy people might put active attention regarding their investments on the back burner, yet they are passionate about their hobbies and outside interests.
When you pay active attention, you build self-awareness, which is the heart of leadership.
Assume rather, that without active attention, reminders and reinforcement, our existing controls and systems will eventually wane.
This loss of active attention and engagement while reading "parallels a larger retreat from participation in civic and cultural life.
Users don't have to pay active attention to currency transactions or conversions, because computer systems and algorithms will deal with them automatically.