active discouragement

See: deterrence
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We know some of the reasons women and girls participate in STEM fields at lower rates: lack of encouragement, active discouragement, lack of role models, negative peer pressure and harassment.
It is, at best, a wasteful mess, at worst, an active discouragement for beneficiaries seeking to improve their economic circumstances.
There was no longer any active discouragement of sex or wine.
4 billion in foreign investments through bonds given the international situation, the active discouragement by many European countries of investment in Iran, and the flight of many banks from any contact with Iran.
The renewed framework has revived an emphasis on oracy after a long period of neglect, if not active discouragement.
He blames ignorance and active discouragement by the big bookmakers and trade associations.
IT takes a certain strength of character to doggedly pursue your ambitions in the face of active discouragement from others.
And employees, understandably, interpreted this lack of attention to consistent and thorough communication of standards and values as a signal of low priority, or worse, active discouragement.
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