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The circuit has been simulated using the active element described in the previous section while the supply voltage is equal to [+ or -]1.65 V.
RAJANPUR -- Rajanpur Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Altaf Baloch here on Thursday expressed that the persons with disabilities were important and active element of the society.
The temperature of the p-th active element at moving the armature and inductor, when there is no thermal contact between them, can be described by the recurrence relation [10]:
A thin-film transistor (TFT) is an active element and is a necessary component in display devices.
It would be also possible to change the quality factor orthogonally using one additional current amplifier DACA (or some other controllable active element) suitable added to the circuit structure.
Operational amplifier was the active element of choice during the earlier stages of development.
Therefore they are widely used for gamma-ray and X-ray detectors, refractive materials, active element of solar cells, and similar application.
The Symposium will be held within the efforts of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa to support Bahraini women in all fields so as to be a partner and an active element in building and promoting the State, through ensuring the women's stability and equal competitive opportunities as well as options diversity available within supportive legislation and State policies.
The active element pattern method is a very simple but powerful tool to account for the mutual coupling and platform effect [25-29].
Bensalah stressed the need to be an active element of economic regionalization, boosting competitiveness, improving taxation and forming human capital.
* A large active element surface area providing efficient ablation and coagulation.
The company claims the new offering is the first product intended to treat e-mail content as an active element of an organization's business processes, while helping to simplify and automate the declaration of e-mail messages as business records.