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Presented functional generator requires only one active element and really low number of external passive elements (one capacitor only) and moreover it provides outputs (square and triangle wave) in both voltage and current form.
Except the knowledge of evaluating the transfer function of an M-C graph, using the flow graph theory for synthesis of circuits, also the corresponding M-C graph of the active element must be known.
Theoretically, thanks to the infinite voltage gain and infinite transit frequency (fT) of the opamp, the behaviour of the function blocks using this active element is described by the feedback suitably created in the circuit [1].
This active element is referred to as electronically controllable current conveyor of second generation (ECCII) and it allows adjusting of current transfer between current input and current output of the current conveyor [1], [4], [5].
which determines the ability of an active element or a differential structure to suppress unwanted common-mode input signal that is common to both inputs, to the desired differential input signal.
A thin-film transistor (TFT) is an active element and is a necessary component in display devices.
Therefore they are widely used for gamma-ray and X-ray detectors, refractive materials, active element of solar cells, and similar application.
The Symposium will be held within the efforts of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa to support Bahraini women in all fields so as to be a partner and an active element in building and promoting the State, through ensuring the women's stability and equal competitive opportunities as well as options diversity available within supportive legislation and State policies.