active partisan

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The end sought by Congress was better public service achieved through the Hatch Act by requiring state employees whose positions are tied to federal funds to abstain from active partisan participation.
In the early 1960s, for example, fifteen years after the establishment of the Communist regime, the Securitate was still having to eliminate active partisan groups in the woods and mountains of the Carpathians and in the north.
Henia is engaged to marry Waclaw (Grzegorz Damiecki), a suave lawyer; but the newcomers think she'd be much better suited to Karol (Kazimierz Mazur), a good-looking youth her own age and also an active partisan.
From 1878 to 1884 Spielhagen was editor of Westermanns Monatshefte; he was also an actor and an active partisan in democratic movements.
Cruz, a presidential candidate until last week and a favorite of the state's Republican most active partisans, in what might be his first speaking appearance before a non-media crowd since he dropped out of the race and left Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee.