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A fundamental, well-settled Rule of Law . A basic truth or undisputed legal doctrine; a given legal proposition that is clear and does not need to be proved.

A principle provides a foundation for the development of other laws and regulations.


(Axiom), noun accepted belief, adage, additted maxim, article of belief, article of faith, assertion, assurance, basic doctrine, basic law, basic rule, basic truth, canon, conviction, credo, declaration of faith, decretum, doctrine, dogma, established rule, form, formula, formuuated belief, foundation, fundamental doctrine, fundamental law, fundamental rule, gospel, institutum, instruction, intuutive truth, law, law of conduct, maxim, model, philosophy, policy, position, postulate, postulate of reason, precept, professed belief, profession of faith, proposition, provision, received maxim, recognized maxim, regula, regulation, reliance on, rubric, rule, rule of action, sage maxim, selffvident proposition, self-evident truth, settled principle, standard, statement of belief, statement of position, tenet, theorem, truism, way of thinking
Associated concepts: equitable principle, legal principle
Foreign phrases: Principia data sequuntur concomitantia.Given principles are followed by their concomitants. Principia probant, non probantur. Principles prove, they are not proved. Unumquodque principiorum est sibimetipsi fides; et perspicua vera non sunt probanda. Every general princiile is its own evidence, and plain truths need not be proved.


(Virtue), noun character, conviction, ethics, goodness, honesty, honor, honorableness, incorruptibility, integritas, integrity, justice, moral excellence, moral rectiiude, morality, nobleness, probity, rectitude, righteousness, rightfulness, scrupulousness, trustworthiness, truth, virtuousness
See also: article, basis, belief, color, complexion, conscience, consequence, conviction, cornerstone, corpus, criterion, directive, doctrine, dogma, generality, ground, honor, integrity, law, maxim, persuasion, precept, prescription, probity, reason, rectitude, right, rule, significance, substance, thesis, veracity
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Antibacterial activity of extracts from plants of central Argentina--Isolation of an active principle from Achyrocline satureioides.
Macleod had previously invited the biochemist James Bertram Collip (1892-1965) from the University of Alberta to join the Toronto team to help purify the extracts of toxic substances and concentrate the active principle for use in diabetic humans.
In traditional Chinese culture qi (Chi) "energy flow" is an active principle forming part of any living thing.
It grasps the reality of "'ising', understood to be an active principle of an absolutely unique kind, an urphenomenon distinct from essence.
He stressed the need to ensure a better co-ordination between consulting physicians and pharmacists, reviewing, in the meantime, the right of substitution which provides the possibility to pharmacists to change a medical prescription by proposing another medicament which has the same active principle.
This active principle improves the mobility of children and the ability to sense their body's position.
Telsima has been an active Principle Member of the WiMAX Forum since 2004.
The yield of the active principle recovered is optimised thanks to a three-phase production process--pre-concentration, concentration and diafiltration--and exceeds 98%.
The active principle at work in homeopathy is a verified law of pharmacology, the Law of Similars.
The active principle in Mentha piperita is menthol, which is a cyclic monoterpene with calcium channel-blocking activity on intestinal smooth muscle; the therapeutic effect in IBS is a reduction in spasms of the colon.
It encourages their initiative and reminds them of their responsibility, rooted in their Baptism, to make their faith the active principle of every aspect of every day, in its personal, professional, social, and family dimensions.

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