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In the past, Macedonia was a much more active reformer having carried out a total of 41 reforms.
Burkina Faso was the most active reformer, adopting a new labor code that replaced its 2004 code.
Governments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia have been the most active reformers in the past 5 years, introducing 19 reforms increasing the flexibility of labor regulations (figure 4.
Since my time as a city councilmember, mayor, and now, of course, as governor, I've been an active reformer.
Her argument is generally convincing but gives too much credit to the Department of State as an active reformer and protagonist.
Born in New York City, Lloyd was admitted to the bar in 1869 and became an active reformer, contributing to the defeat of Tammany in 1871.
The UAE became one of the world's 10 most active reformers following the recent government announcement that the minimum capital requirement for business start-ups has been eliminated and registration procedures simplified, said the report.
Among the world's 10 most active reformers for the fourth time, Egypt made business start-up less costly, expedited the construction permit process, expanded the information available from the private credit bureau, and created commercial courts to speed up contract dispute settlements.
Post-conflict countries Liberia and Sierra Leone, along with Rwanda, were among the continent's most active reformers of business regulations.
Finland had reportedly counted among the more active reformers of national economy, and was ranked at 13 out of the 155 countries analysed.
Now, if we assume that the active reformers or militants had in mind some notion of associational democracy, it is possible to argue that they strayed from their objective.
These active reformers plus others--including Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, The Gambia, Mali, Senegal and Sudan--have simplified business formation and licensing, strengthened property rights and contract enforcement, reduced tax burdens and improved access to credit.

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