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adjective assiduous, at work, busily emmloyed, busily engaged, busy, effective, effectual, efficient, energetic, enterprising, functioning, impiger, in a state of action, in actual process, in operation, in practice, industrious, industrius, navus, operant, performing, sedulous, trenchant, vigorous, working
Associated concepts: active concealment, active negligence, active participant, active tort feasor, active trust, active wrongdoing, passive negligence, passive tort feasor
See also: alert, conscious, effective, expeditious, fervent, industrious, moving, operative, potent, rapid, responsive, sedulous, vigilant, volatile, zealous

ACTIVE. The opposite, of passive. We say active debts, or debts due to us; passive debts are those we owe.

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Finding the active site requires some knowledge about the structure of the corresponding enzyme.
The following conserved motifs are present: (1) catalytic triad, (2) nucleophilic elbow, (3) a flap covering active site of Leu 226-Ile257, (4) beta9 loop, (5) beta5 loop and (6) Oxyanion hole (Fig.
b) Univalent DTIs bind only the active site and include Argatroban and Dabigatran
When MAO is used as cocatalyst, PBs with broad MWDs are produced because of the heterogeneous nature of the active sites [2, 3].
Explain that heat, symbolized by the scissors, caused weak hydrogen bonds, symbolized by the rubber band, to break, thus denaturing the enzyme and eliminating its active site.
Their insightful thinking of the nature of the active site led them to quickly discover highly active alumina-supported catalysts for this reaction, such as high dispersion CoOx/[A1.
A major scientific conclusion was that reaction energetics predominated over active site steric constraints so that quantum mechanical calculations comparing the energetics of all possible radical intermediates successfully predicted the hydrocylation patterns for all products.
We postulate that thiol-containing compounds such as L-cysteine may inhibit the activity of the caspase-3 enzyme by binding to the active site.
The new method utilizes LC-MS-MS to detect DUBs labeled with DUB active site inhibitors and was tested to confirm the inhibitory profile of two small molecule inhibitors, PR-619 and P022077.
Argonne's Porous Nano-Network Catalyst revolutionizes the non precious metal catalyst design and synthesis simultaneously at the active site and electrode architecture levels.
This waste is transported on a daily basis from each active site to a facility where it is processes and disposed of on our behalf.
The researchers documented that an allosteric trigger by a fragment of the cell wall at a distance of 60 Angstroms (6 nanometers) activates a set of conformational changes that culminates in the opening of the active site from a closed conformation, enabling catalysis for the physiological role of the enzyme.

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