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adjective assiduous, at work, busily emmloyed, busily engaged, busy, effective, effectual, efficient, energetic, enterprising, functioning, impiger, in a state of action, in actual process, in operation, in practice, industrious, industrius, navus, operant, performing, sedulous, trenchant, vigorous, working
Associated concepts: active concealment, active negligence, active participant, active tort feasor, active trust, active wrongdoing, passive negligence, passive tort feasor
See also: alert, conscious, effective, expeditious, fervent, industrious, moving, operative, potent, rapid, responsive, sedulous, vigilant, volatile, zealous

ACTIVE. The opposite, of passive. We say active debts, or debts due to us; passive debts are those we owe.

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We obtained spectral interactions between Roundup or glyphosate and the active site of the purified cytochrome P450 aromatase by measuring the absorbance of the preparations from 375 to 475 nm.
The research team created a peptide with an alpha-helical shape that would fit into the active site of the calpain protease.
The initial steps of polymerization are characterized by active site exposition and fast pore filling by monomer.
Such resistance arises when a viral strain mutates to change the structure of a pocket, eliminating the ability of a drug to bind and block the active site.
The research shows that the active site of the endonuclease is shaped like a cave with two metal ions at the bottom.
Although we cannot state with certainty the mechanism by which Cd(II), Fe(II), or Pb(II) [three metals that have divergent coordination chemistries and different ligand preferences (Lippard and Berg 1994)] inactivates Ape1, both X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy studies found that lead can occupy two potential divalent metal binding site within the Ape I active site (Beernink et al 2001; Lowry et al.
By creating tiny cavities in a polymer, or plastic, that mimic the active sites of enzymes, the team essentially produces artificial enzymes, or "plastizymes," as Mosbach calls them.
The fingers close around the active site of the enzyme, and that allows important residues to catalyze the incorporation of a nucleotide.
To date, all known HIV protease inhibitors act by binding to the active site of the enzyme.
Neose's GlycoPEGylation(TM) technology can extend and customize protein half-life by uniquely linking various size polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymers to glycans that are remote from the protein's active site, thereby preserving activity.
Understanding the cooperation of the active site and its environment in tuning the acidity of the system is a fundamental chemical problem," says Joachim Sauer, a chemist at Germany's Humboldt University in Berlin.
Hirudin is two-headed and can attach itself to both the active site of thrombin, as well as to another site that is specific to thrombin.

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